"...sa may paanan Niya, nakita ko ang tayog at ningning ng aking mga pangarap. Tama, sa may paanan Niya, doon ako magsisimula..."

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pay Slip Never Dies

While harking back into my old stuff, I found something that made me realize how lucky was I to have what I have right now. It was funny because I hardly scan my old things for I didn’t have much time to look at them one by one, but this time, I managed to examine each one of them, and it made me go back to my old, happy, blithe, worry-free days. How I love to bring back the memories of my youth.

Anyway, I was talking about my very first pay slip. I got it when I was working as a student assistant at our community college, my beloved alma mater, Imus Institute. I worked in a high school library at Dimasalang Campus. I remembered, it was from 9:00am-1:00pm, just before my classes started. And yes, my first salary was a whopping P675.00; it would be my allowance for two weeks, or less.

I remember I was not the type of student who would really care if I have money in my pocket. Money was never my problem because I could go to school without it. I used to bring my own food at school; I didn’t really spend if it was not necessary, and all my books were photocopied. And it went on until I finished my Bachelor’s Degree.

I was not trying to enthuse you, nor make you believe I was an angel, wahahaha, no, no, really, I was just reminiscing my crazy college life, because during that time also, I realized how well I managed to deprive myself of something that I wanted to have, like having a presentable cell phone, or eating chicken joy at Jollibee, playing computer games, renting computer to surf the net, partying, and the like. Before, I’d choose to just stay home and watch TV instead of going out with friends for I know it'd cost me lots of money to have fun, eat out and drink beer. I would prefer to use old school supplies instead of buying a new one though my dad would give me enough budget to spend for it. And yes, believe me or not, I was that frugal.

But it didn't matter now; I learned that it was really practical nowadays to save money for our future needs, it was really important to know our priorities so we could budget wisely. But that doesn’t give us an excuse to divest ourselves of something that we wish we have if we know we can buy it. After all, it was just money and that was its purpose.

I was not really sure if this makes sense to you but I just hope you get what I mean. We live everyday with the possibilities of dying and death always happens in an abrupt manner. And what will you do with the money that you kept? Of course, you’d say, you'd give it to your loved ones, and that is very kind of you, but come on, while you’re here and while you have all the chance in the world to make the most out of what you have, I’d say you better use it wisely. It was never a sin to spend something for yourself especially if you know you need it. It was never a crime to treat yourself for something that would indulge and pamper your soul. Come on, I can feel now you know what I’m trying to entail, *wink.

And so, now that I have a real job, and sure I have been earning way more than P675.00, I try to make it a point to at least have an unwinding moment with myself every once in a while. I do go out with friends now and drink beer, maybe a bottle or two, or sometimes I watch movie with them, or I window shop at the mall alone. I was not a partygoer but sometimes I go out with friends just to mingle. And oh, hell, yes, I pig out, big time! *laughs.

Nevertheless, one thing that I would never forget was to save a part of what I’m earning. In spite of everything, I still believe in the power of saving money, because like death, you would ever know when emergency would take place.