"...sa may paanan Niya, nakita ko ang tayog at ningning ng aking mga pangarap. Tama, sa may paanan Niya, doon ako magsisimula..."

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I will never stop until I find my self

I thought my world was big enough...
but I guess I was wrong!

I thought the crowd I have was good enough
to show me
how the real world works,

but it wasn't...

I guess I'm running late,
at least that's what they said,
but I hope I didn't miss a lot...

I really hope I didn't...

I got stuck in a dimension where I thought everything was working just normally fine;

where my life was just as common as everyone else;

where exploring life means going beyond my restrictions;

and where going out of my standard circles would mean stupidity.

For the longest time, I have deprived myself of seeing the world in a different view, in a different angle, in a different perspective, in a different direction.

And because of it, I got caught in a very small, eccentric, peculiar situation where I am right now.

not ignorant nor innocent;
not childish nor childlike,
just in between,
always isolating...

And I want to see the world now,
no matter how shallow it claims to be...

It's better late than never, isn't it?


wanderingcommuter said...

i concur...

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